Again I hammer on Pluto Not Being a Planet

I have talked about this a few times now.. and I will keep talking about it because subjectively… I feel It is a planet and I don’t care what science has to say about it. Science can take aback seat to my childhood. Science can in fact go focus on something else, take the funds we use defending Pluto Being a Dwarf and make it go into something useful like astronaut ice cream for all.

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Just because he’s different.

Pluto is the front line of defense, its orbit sends it out to check the borders of our home system then comes back in to report on whats going on. How would we know if something was coming if not for Pluto’s diligence in defending out borders? One of the reasons Pluto lost its membership in the planetary society is because it didn’t clear out Charon… First off they have been buddies since Planetary Preschool and Second… EVERYONE deserves a sidekick, a buddy, a pal… someone to talk to.

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This is obviously Propaganda

Pluto has been, and always will be my Friend. Also It’s a Planet… I have a shirt saying so, there is a string planetary lights in my house with Pluto on them. I feel that this systematic attack on Pluto’s rights as a celestial planet to be cowardly, immoral, opportunistic… and MEAN SPIRITED.

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Pluto Loves you that’s why it has a heart on it’s surface.

Pluto For Planethood


Todays Word, Objectivity.

In todays A to Z Challenge I present the letter “O” For objectivity. I would like to also point out that I have caught up with the calendar for the challenge and today I will also catch up on reading what others have done, Ok I will at the very least get through “O”.

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So much for objectivity… Ok so not really, the lady and the guy up top are being subjective, its based on opinion… The bottom left guy there is hope for since he might actually decide to measure to be sure, it is, in fact… whatever he discovers. That last guy, He’s me, I really do want a cheeseburger.

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What was the purpose of this post today? It was to hopefully cause people to look differently at what is passed on as facts… when it is, in fact, subjective. That’s all… well that and maybe someone might bring me a cheese burger… some tater tots would be nice to.

A to Z Almost Back on track with Mental Health

For the Letter “M” on the A to Z challenge which is late we are going to talk about mental health. Not in any serious manner because My mental Health won’t allow for that. Instead we are going to discuss it as it relates to me, and my own disturbing set of coping mechanisms, perhaps someone, somewhere might be able to glean useful information from it on how I handle my own problems… So we will do a Top Ten ways I deal with my issues.

#1 Because I have always had a faulty Memory for names, I tend to give people Fun nicknames to help me remember. I used to only do this in my own head like a mnemonic device but in the last 7 years or so I’ve started doing it out loud. Now there are people in my world with names like; The Arsonist, Serial Killer, Jane Doe, Snowflake, The Navigator, Garbage Boy,, Dust Boy, #1 Human, Flipper, Squiggy, Ducky (Coming Soon). Then ther is Bird Girl, Quintin, Danger Mouse, Fae… A lot of them answer to those names so Bless them.

#2 I don’t put my name on my blog so I can use it as the most ridiculous outlet for some crazy things I sometimes come up with. I don’t worry about spellcheck, grammar, misuse of punctuation or anything else on here. (Ok I do, but not a lot). Instead I let my self use it to relieve the pressure from having to worry about all that when people are paying me to write.

#5 Sometimes I skip steps I realize I dont need, Or want.

#6 Because I have had problems with imprinting short term memory I also use Amazons wish list as a way to remember things we need here at the house… or may need. Every few days Amazon sends me an email telling me I have things there.

#7 I watch TV shows I have seen before and I like on various streaming services because they are predictable and allow me to feel more in control even though I’m not.

#8 When people come to my house in large numbers I will remove myself from the immediate area so I dont become agitated and get mean as a defense mechanism. I like these people and don’t want to lash out. I do pop in and out though and sometimes I can acclimatize myself enough to hang out…. sort of like going in the ocean when its cold.. I know once I get used to it I will have fun.

#9 I avoid looking anything up on the internet about symptom, or tests for ailments. If it’s bothering me enough to look up I will just go to the doctor… eventually. This is when I tell My wife and she gets My Eldest to help badger me into going.

#10 I watch Funny animal videos… Not the mean ones, the cute ones that make you laugh… Like this one below.

Laziness, The A to Z Challenge

Well, I’m a few days behind as of right now we had an eventful weekend. Ok, you got me not really.. I was just being lazy and now I’m behind. I have to say though It’s not always that I’m being lazy as it is I feel like doing something else.

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When I was a kid being Lazy was not being quick to do something. Need examples, cleaning your room, or washing the dishes, taking the trash out, calling someone back, writing a thank you note. It was always the same thing, “Stop Being Lazy and go do….”. To me, I just always had something else I wanted to do. For this “L” A to Z challenge post though… I honestly had three different topics to choose and I couldn’t decide. This was Supposed to post up on Saturday, today is Tuesday and it hit me that I was being Lazy, but now we call it procrastinating. Of Course… I could be making this all up, maybe if I had some discipline…

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I’m not sure where Laziness ends and Procrastination begins… I was putting off writing this blog because I couldn’t decide which to do, at the same time I was thinking about it. I suppose that falls Into procrastination. I was also playing a video game with my Family, so we were also all being lazy. We all know there are things to do and instead we decided to be Pirates 🙂 and look for treasure and tame animals… If you haven’t played Atlas yet.. dont. 🙂

A to Z, Kindness… A Challenge

One would hope that Kindness had gotten better since I was a kid but it really isn’t the case. I can remember being a kid and my Grandmother sending me to go borrow something from the neighbor. Today there is a good chance you don’t even know the neighbor. It’s possible you could still get that cup of sugar you needed if you did ask, but I think people are afraid to.

Maybe that isn’t the best example but for me, it does go to the heart of the matter. Kindness used to come in many forms and all of them were very personal. You had relationships with friends and neighbors that simple weren’t tied to a wireless cord. Need to borrow something you walked next door and asked… then returned it. Car broke down and ya need a ride ask a neighbor. They were your friends, part of your community. I barely know my neighbors now and the only time I ask them to do something is when its something they should have already done.

The Internet Neighbors though… Someone needs help 1500 miles away you can do it with a click. I read about a kid who traded his XBOX on Craigslist for a car for his Mom… That’s great, that young man’s Mother has to be over the moon, proud of her Son. I’ve seen things for people who were robbed, or had their house destroyed. People overseas and at home dealing with natural disasters… All kinds of Internet flavored Kindness occurs… but. I don’t see any in day to day life anymore.

People tend to be always looking at their phone now, even when walking through traffic. It really seems the Zombie Apocalypse has arrived… and it’s us. No eye contact, No Good Morning, Good Afternoon. I worked in retail for 20 years, my favorite part of it was the people. When I left retail part of the reason is I was bored and honestly depressed. I see they are talking about replacing retail workers with Kiosks, and some places have started… sure why not… no one want to talk to a person in a store unless there is a problem. Lord help the Retail workers.

Here is what I would like all of you to do today. It won’t be difficult, just offer a friendly greeting to people you see, a kind word or two. It’s possible they won’t even look up from the phone, do it anyway. Do it for yourself, make a new friend you can grab a cup of coffee with, or borrow something from, maybe catch a lift if your cars in the shop… Kindness begins with people.. not screens.

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J Is for Jokes… Know any?

When we were going over the alphabet for the challenge for 2019’s A to Z and got to “J” I had to go with jokes… I just felt I needed to do it. You see, I don’t really tell Jokes… I tell storys that just happen to make people laugh.

The downside to this is I don’t generally do Dad jokes, if the possibility exists that I may have done so I turn to one of my Kids and as “Was that a Dad joke?”, usually the answer is no. I mean ok sure I know some jokes… usually from when I was a kid and honestly most of those are pretty racist, sexist, or mean spirited to a class of people. I would give some examples but I really don’t want to contribute to the garbage on the internet with that. Some of the more… cleanish ones.. sure.. why not I can do that.

What do you call a man with no arms and legs on a porch?

What do you call a man with no arms and legs on a Wall?

What do you call a man with no arms and legs in a pool?

What do you call a man with no arms and legs in a pile of leaves?

See what I mean… those aren’t to bad… but the black and white and red all over ones are bad… Or Ones about babies and dumpsters… or no wait I though of a few more I can do that are ok

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?
They Taste Funny.

Whats the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?

Really bad though was the prevalence of really horribly racist jokes in the schools when I was a kid. Mid 70’s just the sheer number of them, I’m not even sure we even really thought they were funny or in some cases even understood them so much as we told them because the words used were forbidden. I’m not even sure where we learned them. They weren’t told in my house but I knew them all from someplace. Maybe the Contraband man told us… no idea. Or some of my friends had really racist parents… they had to come from someplace.

Here is the part that changed from when I was kid to now. Teachers heard these jokes sometimes and unless you said something truly awful like the “N” work they mostly ignored it… I asked my kids when we were talking about this post and they said now you’d get suspended, there would be a call home. You know what though, they didn’t know any of those jokes or any jokes like it.. .somewhere we all did something right.