Zombies…. Sheesh again?

There really has been hundreds of postings, movies, blogs, short stories, webisodes.  You name it its been zombified. Not wanting to be left out of the zombiefication here we go.  I love a good Zombie movie all the way back to Dawn of the Dead, which was the very first Zombie movie I ever saw.  Whats not to like? Blood, gore, missing lower jaws, it’s all good stuff. My Daughter has a poster in her room on common Zombie killing mistakes like not shooting the Zombie kids, they are just as deadly.  There have been books remaking the classics like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. My favorite zombie book right now is “Abraham Lincoln, Zombie Slayer”.  Zombie Comics, board games, stuffed toys Video games from the scary Left 4 Dead series to the funny like Plants Vs Zombies there are e Zombies in the Star Wars Universe now that’s how out of control it has become.  Zombie Sith Lord for the WIN!!!!.. I think not, that’s a bit to far even for me.

Whats next Zombie Barbie, comes with an assortment of rotted clothes. Zombie Barbie’s dilapidated Mansion and junker car sold separately? Brain optional, Zombie Ken?  Really it’s getting just a bit out of control.  Kinda like Zombies in general.  So I just looked around on the Net and not even joking, there really is Zombie Barbie stuff… I could cry.  First time I’ve ever seen a dressed up Barbie, both of my girls always had naked ones.  It still eludes me to this day on why people would buy them more Barbie’s, they all look the same naked. I bet if I go in the youngest room  she still has some. SO here is what I’m going to do with the kids this weekend, were going to have our own Zombie Barbie party will be great  fun.  So what do we need… Some paint. Some rotted old Barbie clothes, guess well go to yard sales, hmm perhaps a bit or glue to make the lumps, some knives from the GI Joes, maybe a chainsaw too from them.  Talking to a friend on Facebook while writing some of this she’s checking to see if she has any spare parts as well.  It’s nice to have friends who appreciate your humor so thanks Chrissy your awesome!  <— shameless friendship plug.  Also if there were a zombie apocalypse I would hope she was on my team against the Zombies she’s fairly diabolical and that is what you need during the Zombie Invasion.

Who has thoughts on Zombies?  Oh and if you make some Zombie Barbie’s, send me some pics I can always use a laugh.

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