Finally, Summer has arrived.  Exciting thing Summer, at least when I was a kid.  Late evenings playing baseball with friends, manhunt at night, camping, and of course the beach.   Not anymore though it seems. Today its computer games, social networking sites and texting.  Not that I mind computer games, I do enjoy Call Of Duty and have played World of Warcraft, but I spend most of my summer outside reading or at the beach.  Even this article I’m writing I  typed up outside for some of the time.  Kids though, they don’t want to go out, you have to throw them out. ‘Go and play” I tell them that often.  Mater of fact I just kicked them all out a few minutes ago.  They will be back shortly though I’m sure saying no one wanted to go out and play.  So to all the other parents and guardians and babysitters, throw them out its nice out , make them go play.  Give them ideas on what to do since unless it involves a keyboard they are, for the most part, novices at outdoor fun. So here are some ideas for everyone.  Feel free to add more.

1.  Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of items they can find outdoors in the area and send them on their ways.  Kids like this its competitive and fun and will keep them occupied for quite a while depending on how long the list is you give them.

2. Younger kids love chalk, you can get chalk in almost every dollar store and most convenience stores for that matter.  Older kids might even join in.  Adults to I have been known on occasion   up the driveway or sidewalk with chalk with my kids.

3. Teach them some other games like Kick the can.  Chances are the don’t know it, I know it sounds nuts but mine didn’t.

4. Gardening, my kids planted flowers this year, they water them and when I remind them they weed too.

5. Night time is good as well, shooting stars and finding the constellations is always fun.  You can even get an inexpensive telescope which makes it great of fun for the adults too.

Kids need to go out and play, they need exercise.  I remember hearing “If your can’t hear your kids they’re up to no good”.  It’s not true anymore just means they are on the computer.  So go find them and send them outside.  They will have plenty of time when they are older to get carpal tunnel and nearsighted from computers.

And yes I drew the picture up top with the crayon brush in MS paint.  I also made one with real crayons just for fun I’m going to go hang it now.


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