….And now the News… Yah right.

 Seems a shame to me really why things are the way they are.  Many things do, where do you even start?  The news maybe, I have a hatred for the news bordering on insanity.  Perhaps its just me although somehow I doubt it.  They color everything in the worst possible light now to keep people scared.  Politically they either skew things or their stupid. I’m not sure which it is but its true regardless.  Doubt me, huh.  That’s alright your free to do so however, do you doubt them?

I take the time to look for information when the News reports some ridiculous thing the President or Congress has done.  I especially like to hear about whatever bill happens to be in the works and it gets beat all to hell on the news on how its basically evil.  So then I go look it up and read it.  This is when I usually start talking to myself using bad words.  You can see the actual bill online, any amendments to it as well.  Problem is we are lazy.  There was a time when we could rely on the press to tell us what was happening impartially.  That time is well past now. With few exceptions the press has become a scourge of propagandists to rival anything seen before in history.  What about actual news rather then someones impression of news? Wouldn’t that be nice.  I’ll go back to the various wars we are fighting as an example.  Anything on the news? in the paper? Hmmm.. no, no, nope sure isn’t.  Are they over? Did I miss it?  Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq.  Yes yes I know those aren’t wars they are  whatever word it is that we use now so it doesn’t seem like a war.  Guess what though, it is. WAR there is the definition of it.  Seems pretty self explanatory to me. So why isn’t it being reported on, maybe because it wont sell?  Of course it wont its a war, no one wants them but sticking the American public’s head in the sand and hoping we don’t notice (most haven’t, sad huh) and then reporting on some actress’s latest goof to entertain us is silly.  They had shows on like that you know back some years things like Entertainment tonight and such, seem to me that’s every station now, its just all called “news”.

Newspapers are a bit better you can sometimes find something on things that actually impact our lives rather then entertain us, or in reality to distract us.  Reminds me of an old movie…”Its people” being the most famous line from it.  How did this happen?  Anyone?


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