Visitors, out of town arrivals and dirt.

So there really Isn’t anything better than finding out your In-laws are coming 2 days before they arrive.  Nothing like it. Stressful and such because suddenly things that have been just fine cleaning wise for the last 6 months are filthy nasty and gross.  Well they weren’t  being pointed out just before this event so what changed? What the hell happened?  I know what happened. Suddenly you had someone else s voice in your head.  I’m familiar with it, all my voices are my own though so that doesn’t bother me anymore but for the rest of you I guess its kinda scary.

If you hadn't moved the book it would be fine, quick put it back!

So here is what you do.  Nothing you just ignore it and when they arrive tell them all how busy you have been and then.  Let them clean up for you, let them dust if its important to them and clean and do laundry and all the other things that you very simply don’t have the time to do anyway.  Dust, BAH! I Sneeze at dust.

Try not to stress to much, you’ll be fine.  And if not there is always te Prozac you can take which will also help with the guilt over making your visiting family clean up after you.

"Mmmmm Psychotic release candies"

So just relax take a deep breath and enjoy the show.

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