Hey, where’s all the money going?

Down down down..... to where no one knows...
So low it broke the picture sad huh.

Come on now I know one of you took it?  The Dow dropped 250 million points in the last few days.  OK so that’s a bit of an Exaggeration, just a bit though.  Be honest now, which one of you took all that money?  I want my cut.  14 billion withdrawn in the last few days, where did it all go? It had to go someplace didn’t it.

Well it wouldn’t all fit under a mattress.  I doubt it would have been buried in a a backyard.  So whats all the fuss?  Did the money vanish? Was it abducted by aliens? No!  It wasn’t so why all the fuss the moneys still out there.  Stop panicking and relax. Its fake money, it’s all fake money. Its pixels and electrons.

Never thought of it that way did you.  Looking at your portfolio and seeing those shrinking numbers scare you all to hell huh.  The stock exchange is one giant video game you’ve been pumping money into it for however long and watched it go up up up up  up  well now its going down.  Way down.  and your losing your investment.  No one said it was safe did they? Ok so your broker may have but they lie more often than military recruiters do why are you surprised by this.  Face it were screwed.  Start burying it in the yard maybe or put it somewhere safer like in a mattress.  The money isn’t gone you just don’t have it anymore, someone else does.  Probably  someone in India, call tech support and yell at whoever answers.

Welcome to the global economy, we can’t seem to get our shit together, thank your local representatives.  Everyone wants to blame the President, well he doesn’t get a vote.  Put the blame where it belongs for a change want to know who yours is? Oh and the fact that you don’t is a whole separate conversation.

Congress          Senate


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  1. The part I don’t understand is that Gillies and D. Brown both play CF and possess similar tools… Brown projects better but neither has demonstrated the ability to hit for power. Why not trade Brown and keep Taylor? Maybe even trade Brown + a pitcher not named Drabek… but we got Halladay and that’s pretty awesome.


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