What to do what to do…. Its raining and IM BORED!

In other news, its still raining!

Yes its raining, its been raining, and I for one am getting bored.  I turned off all my games to focus on things like, well LIFE you know, that thing that passes you by while out killing the Horde.  I’m trying to remember things I did as kid to pass the time.  I remember begging people to play Monopoly with me, I don’t really like Monopoly anymore.  Was thinking I could cal some old friends and BS but I see them daily on Facebook now. HI FOLKS!

So I decided I would post on here while waiting for my kids to wake up, apparently they had a long night I went to bed before 9pm feeling tired and unwell.  Maybe they played Monopoly.

1. Make those paper boats and run them down the small rivers on the side of the road.  I used to love doing this.   Now there are many places to show you how to make really good ones all over the web.  Blogs, Ehow, and Ask all have listings.  We didn’t have access to those when I was a kid so we used sticks and rubber bands and just winged it.  Now you can get directions online.

2. Splashing in the puddles was a big part of the day too.  Funny how parents will let you do things like this when you have been bothering them for hours about being bored.  Normally its ‘Stay out of the puddles’.  This will be  fun though especially since they never get to do it.  I think i might go splash around a bit now, after I finish making my boat.

3. If your really against the Outdoor wet craziness you can make a movie day.  We used to have to find a tape we had from something or HBO, now though you can stream it in.  Make some popcorn, maybe do it the old ay with a frying pan and some oil just to be different.  Then sit down with a big bowl a big soda and watch a good movie.  Something good like Aliens… Ok so something you normally wouldn’t let them watch.

4. Go down to the pond and feed some ducks.  Yes DUCKS!… they are out, you can also do some splashing while your there.  Trust me its fun.  I did it a few weeks ago on a whim, including the splashing all by myself.  It’s still fun no matter how old you are.

5. Board games, especially if you have kids, they really do love them.  So make that popcorn again and break out a game.  Better yet teach them to play spades or rummy.  I had some good days playing cards.

We used to do other things to that no one can anymore really, Technology took over playing a game of D&D doesn’t work its all online now but I remember rainy days with 8 or 9 friends in my house playing in the basement.  We once made a huge map on the basement floor to play a upgaded version of Axis and Allies on.  Which took about a week to lay out and paint, but we played that a lot when it was raining.  Use your imagination and try to have some fun!

Big Map, we took all the pieces from several Axis and Allies games and all types of model kits for the pieces. <1989 or so>

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