Feeling trapped? Find your way in the world.

I feel trapped fairly often.  Something to do with the padded room I have built for myself in my mind.  Its comfortable though.  Purple padding a nice skylight up high to let the sunlight in and reflect the purple glow, so the whole room is awash in that lovely color.  Still It is a trap.  Like so many of the situations we place ourselves into.  A trap of our own making is how the saying goes I believe, and its true.  We are all beset by circumstances beyond our control.  We tend to focus so much on the problems that we get bogged down and fail to look for the solutions.

Try and focus on the solution, make some headway.  Trapped in a bad relationship? Trapped in a bad Job? Trapped in a bad financial situation?  Many people are don’t feel so alone, trust me you aren’t.  Any situation can be navigated with some clear thought of what it is you really want.  Figuring that out can be a difficult thing to do though.  Speak with some close friends, a priest, a social worker, a psychologist.  They can help you get past the scary parts and help you focus on the end result. Look beyond the problems and see the possibilities.

Don’t allow yourself to remain trapped forever, find your way out.  Choose and then act on it, you may not always make the perfect decision.  It’s alright no one is perfect but now your moving.  Always keep moving, learn from bad mistakes and remember them so you can make better ones.  Have a plan map it out in your head or on paper, hopes, wants, dreams and ambitions are the goal.   Remember clichés are there for a reason A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Why not take that step today?  Begin your journey to freedom from your own self-imposed traps.

Start dreaming, start planning makes some goals, draw a map in your head on where you are, and where you want to be and take those first steps.  Be smart, be brave and be free.

  • bLaMe tRaPs (stepsandstopsbytinkiewinkie.wordpress.com)


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