How to prepare, kids headed back to school.

School time!  Well, for some of you it’s already started.  For me though, oh boy… I starts now.  Two weeks till my children are back in class.  One Junior in HS and two in the middle school one year apart.  I’m going to go broke any second now.  I just held a yard sale to help get some funds together for some more supplies.  The list is a bit crazy in my opinion,  We all get the list of supplies everything from pencils to flash drives now.

What happened to a couple of number 2 pencils an eraser and some lunch money?  I do remember that.  Then you went to class got a big pile of books and came home and wrapped them in paper bags.  Now, oh boy.. now it could run you 200 bucks a kid just for the stuff you are told you need.  Of course the kid never uses it, and you end up with piles of stuff to sell in a yard sale the following year to pay for the new list of things you need to buy.  In addition to a Phys ed uniform that I wont buy, they still get it I just refuse to be the one to get ripped off, kids Mom has to do that.  Seems this year we need another scientific calculator, 2 more flash drives and some earphones.  My school district has Laptops for all the kids.  This is a good thing even if it does add to the supply bill.  One kids supply list says Non college ruled one says college?  do they do this intentional trying to make my teeth itch?  Anyway folks my point is this  I hate school supply shopping!  Anyway a few tips in case you, like me haven’t gone yet.

#1 Don’t take the kids with you, they want the coolest looking stuff not the cheapest.  Avoid wanting to leave them in the store and drive away by not brining them in the first place.  This applies to clothes shopping even more.  GEt their sizes and go 🙂

#2 See whats left from last year when you bought that huge box of pencils, paper and everything else.  Chances are they didn’t use half of it.  So take inventory first, no need to spend twice.

#3 Use the internet and shop around a bit, if the travel time isn’t to involved break your list up into locations. Places like Staples and Office Max are usually pretty close to one another and they always compete use this to your advantage.

#4 Find out when tax-free week is especially when clothes shopping this can make a huge difference in what you are going to have to lay out.

#5 Remember cheaper doesn’t always mean better, if you will have to replace things because they are made out of junk  spend the extra two bucks on it.

I hope this helps some people a bit.  I have to go shop now wish me luck!


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