Hurricane Irene is coming, TO ARMS! TO ARMS!

Quite, for now!

Hurricane Irene is coming. Today I spent some time in town looking around Westhampton Beach.  Taking pictures of various things.  Wondering what it might look like in a day.  Hopefully it will look the same, it might not.

I have all the pictures here, if you would like to take a look.

When I took the photo’s the bridges to Dune Road were already closed to traffic, it was 3pm.  All through town and even more by the bridge you could hear the ocean, its close.

My home is all ready, the planters are in the birdbath is down, all sheds secure.  Can’t do much about the fence though.  I’m hoping the fence’s don’t get it into their heads to learn how to fly.  That could get scary.

It’s starting now the first rain bands have arrived, wind gusts and driving rain, then calm.  Hurricanes are creepy.  Also a tornado warning is in effect.  Isn’t that nifty.

I hear radio reports that the people in areas that won’t evacuate, like on Dune Road, in the area called Westhampton Dunes have been told to take their licenses and SS# with a family contact, Seal it in a zip-lock bag and place it in their shoes.  The Mayor had said that he wouldn’t have the people arrested for not leaving but that rescue services would not be coming if they made the Adult decision to be stupid.  The stupid part is my word but we all know what he meant right.  I wonder how many stayed.  Natural Selection at work I suppose.

So tomorrow evening after the worst is gone I will be down taking pictures again if allowed.  I know where I took the first round of photos from, I will be taking the after shots from those same places.

Everyone be safe!


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