What happend? My crazy person barometer is gone.

What happened to being able to spot the crazy people. I can remember being able to spot crazy people using some simple methods.  How hard did it use to be.  Think about it, guy walking down the street.  Beautiful day birds chirping, kids playing Mr’s Wellington laying a pie out on the porch.  You look over and the guy is talking to himself.  You KNEW you just knew he wasn’t right in the head.  He hears voices, and he answers them… whack job.  BUT You Knew!!!

Another way to tell was the people sitting with signs that said things like “Will work for food”.  Not anymore though, now they could be millionaires and this is how they make their money.  Used to be the crazies slept outside all the time, they were dirty, disheveled people with some form of illness usually.  Now they have credit cards they accept pay pal and they tweet their location to favorite customers.  What kind of ridiculous shit is that.  Its not fair, I’m in the wrong line of work.

All I’m really saying is maybe some folks should have to wear a sign of some kind so we can tell for certain.  As it is now I can’t tell.

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