Things I know…. Yes I make this stuff up.

Run away run away
These beautiful clouds flee for their lives

Like most of us I watched as the Hurricane came closer and closer… Evil in a storm cell?  Yes!  Have you ever noticed that every time there is a hurricane coming that usually a few days before it is supposed to arrive we get alot of clouds moving reaaaaly fast away from it?

The Eye starts to suck in all the 'good' clouds

Well that’s is because they are trying to get away from the storm before it eats them.  All the clouds in a hurricane have been assimilated into it. They used to be white fluffy things just meandering their way through life.

Little Bunny Foo Foo.. Hoping through the Skyline...

We do love them clouds.  We see images in them, look a bunny!! That one over there is a train.  Clouds are awesome in so many ways! They never cry they cast a really nice shadow to block out the suns heat on an extra hot day. They are our friends and we appreciate them.

Enraged clouds start to spin trying to escape

Then in comes a big nasty Eye and starts sucking the poor things in.  They turn black the move real fast they block out all the sun making it miserable and then, because deep down inside they know what has happened to them, how they have been perverted from their primary job of bringing joy and shade to the world.  They cry!  Now its pouring rain, wind is lashing everything in sight.  And the poor clouds once individuals able to create shapes and flow around the globe sightseeing, are nothing but one massive rabid whirlwind of mayhem because of that damn evil eye.


So next time a hurricane comes a calling, just remember those poor clouds who have been bound into servitude through the evil of the eye.

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