Mosquitos VS Gnats The epic battle.

To an ordinary observer seeing a swarm of gnats hovering about might seem like a normal thing Fortunately our Crack Reporter Fae isn’t an ordinary anything.  What most don’t realize is that there has been an ongoing conflict with the Mosquito’s for years now something akin to the Jets and the Sharks. The mosquito’s themselves have even gone so far as to add armor and weapons to themselves by wearing what appears to be an exoskeleton as shown below.

Battle Ready Mosquito's will soon be the norm.

On the other side of the battle for domination of both the title most irritating and the human blood supply are the swarms of Gnats.  Now besides being a nuisance when inhaled they also have some abilities most people just don’t understand. For example did you know that Gnats are really just disintegrated vampires? Well they are.  Think about it no one really knows where they come from but there are always hundreds, possibly thousands of them in small groups.  Thats right Vampire motes, left over essence of vampire just ready to coalesce once they have enough blood to do so. This picture is just one of many of an almost fully restored Vampire still in Gnat form.

An almost restored Vampire

It’s really not funny, I know your laughing but think about it, why do we only see the gnats at dusk?  If the Vampire was to reform during the day it would be right back where it started.  natty, as it were.

So what do we do, well were already doing it wrong really. We swat the mosquito’s whose only crime is trying to keep the Gnats from taking over.  Poor little things are being killed constantly and all they are really trying to do is help keep a Scourge of Vampires from sending the world back into the Dark Ages.  Remember that next time one is trying to refuel the Exo-Suit by biting you. You really need to do more to support the cause it is in your best interest after all. No one wants the world to be taken over by Vampires.  The Zombies are bad enough as it is.

As Reported by Fae, Elven network reporter, Unseelie representative to the court.


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