Those red things irritate me…

This is the truth.

Yes you read that correctly.  Red things, sometimes referred to us red lights they are used in tail lights on cars too.  I hate them.  They slow me down at intersections making me waste valuable time waiting usually for nothing.  No other cars in the intersection, no one coming.  I wait though, I have to blend in, wouldn’t want to be called out by the Hooman authorities.

I wonder sometimes why they choose red.  Maybe they drew straws to pick which color would designate danger.  I guess we wont ever really know.  My guess is that because fire is red we made the danger color red.  Still though, I seem to be indoctrinated into believing that red is an Evil color associated with all things BAD.

The Devil is always depicted with red skin, The fires of Hell are mostly red or red toned, Traffic lights, stop signs, tailights and blood all red and lets not forget Mao’s Little Red Book.  Think about it.  But as with most things the humans have decided on its inconsistent.

Sunsets have red colors the more the better for that matter as you can see below.  I so wish Prometheus had just minded his own business.

But that’s not all, red lingerie is pretty nice stuff and certainly doesn’t say “STOP”.  Coca Cola cans are red, and you make Jack and Coke with that.  Who doesn’t love that.  Strawberries and radishes’ are red.  99 Red balloons, which is all about nuclear war annihilating the Hoomans.   Red rose’s let not forget that Fat Bastard SANTA!!!!  So really It doesnt make much sense especially if you through Magnum P.I.’s Car.

So now I’m confused on whether to like red or not.  So much for it depicting danger. Again it comes back to the Elves and the disillusioned attempt by Prometheus to give them fire.  Next time I see him he is getting smacked.


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