When do movies become repeats? Anyone know?

 Was there really some kind of conspiracy to make nothing new this year, or last year? How about the four years before that? It seems to me that’s all that is coming out. Here are just a few coming for this year that we haven’t already seen in theaters.  Footloose, Judge Dread, Short Circuit, Jaws, The Three Musketeers, Dune, Robocop, Daredevil, Total Recall, Point Break and let’s not leave out Godzilla. The big lizard has been done over since 1954. Which is quite a long time when you think about it.  He has been b a good guy and a bad guy, sorry monster. He has defended the planet from invasion, killed pollution and made a much better Jurrasic park sequel movie than the actual sequel did.

Again though, why oh why are we making more remakes and reboots of things.  Let’s look at ones that have been pretty bad.  Karate Kid, woo boy, there was a winner huh. No way that was ever going to be as good. There the dozens of horror films being remade. I’m waiting for some jackass to try and redo Poltergeist or the Exorcist. Has anyone not heard about them trying to remake Jaws yet? People in studios have been smoking the crack pipe to long I think.

So really no fresh new ideas out there? Want me to write a screen play for you all? I can guarantee it will be original, funny, and dark. Plus did I mention original? Alright I was just making sure.  I have the perfect formula for making a hit movie anyway so let me know, and Ill write up a proposal for whatever you want. Just let me know I have all kinds of ideas all rolling around in my head now.  Most involve monkeys. So here is a list of films I think they should remake.  First I really think Spice World should have the dust blown off of it and see how that works out for them.  Next I would really love to see From Justin to Kelly get a nice spruce. Finally, I think we would all really love to see Howard the duck.  I’m only serious about one of them. You pick.

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