Occupy Everything… Interesting approach.

So I have been reading about all the various different “occupy” movements.  I have some questions, the first being why? No really I want to know why. Grass roots movements are impressive. I mean think of the Boston Tea party, ok maybe not that was more like a flash mob then anything else. But there are a whole lot of people complaining about, well I’m not sure what. SO I did some reading on various places, news reports some blogs, a newspaper and the web and you know what I have discovered? Yep I still Don’t know.

Heres what I’m guessing at though. The people mulling around in the various different herds don’t know what the hell they are protesting either. Here is an overview of the signs I saw.

1. Corporations are bad

2. War is bad

3. Protesters are bad.

4. I am the 99%

Some of the people are wearing costumes. I like costumes and Halloween is coming but the costumes dont really match what they are protesting. Its like a mass rising up by everyone who is pissed. Pot Luck Protest. SO I went to the Website, they explained it, kinda. “The one thing we all have in common is that we are the 99 percent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the one percent.” Thats fine I’m behind them 100% or at least 99% I don’t disagree with alot of what they are kinda saying.  I think corporations should have to pay there fair share. By that I mean they have to pay it for real not on a piece of paper that says they owe 1.5 million in taxes but are only required to pay $0.00 because of tax breaks. I paid 9k back to the govt last year and My income was just barely over six figures so where is my tax break? Or refund? Some of those corporations get refunds. Thats simply nuts, and they got us to bail them out too.

With elections coming maybe someone will finally take it seriously. Yes i’m poking fun at the protesters but only at their methods and organization. What little I understand of their complaints I agree with I think people should be more important than a corporation. I couldn’t afford to pay all those taxes that money was from an outside source that will never happen again and it killed us financially. If I had been a bank the cops would have come over and forced my next door neighbors to pay the$9,000 and another $2,000 for making them get out of the car. Thats how corporate America works I don’t think we should get special treatment for being individuals I think their special privileges should be taken away. They lose money, overpay the CEO have to be bailed out, owe 2.5 million in taxes and then they get a refund because the CEO’s bonus was written off… thats crazy.

I think tomorrow I’m going to complain about Congress, and Health care.


One Reply to “Occupy Everything… Interesting approach.”

  1. I think 99% of the people who read this would agree you. You have put into words that I have been thinking. Thanks for sharing your insight.


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