Nothing worse then realizing you were wrong about, well everything.

Look!!! Someone did make T-Shirts

Or so I hear anyway, thats what I’m told. I have noticed lately that people around me then I thought I could rely on again can’t be. It’s a sad thing to discover, took me a while to get back to this place where it could happen this thing people call “trust.” So I have to wonder what to do about it. Is it worth even trying? How many times can you allow yourself to be burned?

Well in some cases the answer is as often as it takes for you to learn the lesson. Now I’m by no means a slow learner, what I am is a sucker for trying to find the best in people, and stubborn. I had been told that “My heart is always in the right place so long as I remember to use it.” So I practiced real hard and learned to remember to use it. What I got was kicked in the teeth repeatedly, stupid lesson that was. Worse yet kicked in the teeth by the person who said it to me in the first place. Then there was the time when I was told “You get to involved in helping people you think are your friends.” Good thing to or the person who had said that to me would have been excised from my life years ago. Besides what most call friends I call acquaintances. Take that whole a friend will let you borrow a lawnmower a real friend a body, change it a bit. If I cant rely on you to hide a body and not sell me out… well you aren’t my friend. Your either someone I know or someone I used to know.

It’s astounds me lately. The humans are constantly showing me that my faith in them is sorely misplaced and it would be better spent on other things. A few things definitely come to mind, world domination would be nice, as would being a Monk and just spending my days in contemplation of whatever strikes my fancy. I’ve always been interested in the mating habits of Velociraptors, plus I would have to travel to find them so thats a great option I think. I’m certain there are other dreams out there I could be following. I have always wanted to see if there really is an outhouse at the end of the rainbow like I see in pictures hanging on walls. Hey look there is the picture now.

So what to do, what to do… I think perhaps what I will do is get my coat and my wallet, grab my glasses and a book. Take my kids in to school and get myself a nice cup of coffee while I re-evaluate things. I like my kids, some day they can be my friends not yet though :). Going to hit the Library too and see where the closest Velociraptor mating ground is as well. Then I think, yes I think I will head back to my home write a bit about whatever strikes my fancy and just see where the words lead me.

Last but not least, I’m not going to run a spell check on this, or re-read it for errors, that way it will be even more entertaining.

Oh and if you were reading and thinking, hey hey!!! He’s talking about me!! Then your right I am talking about you.


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