It’s almost Halloween

I say almost because well… It’s not Halloween yet. My Kids are making their costumes. So far we have a vampire queen and a mad scientist. Nothing store bought except some fangs for the Queen. Everything else was made from things we had here at home. It’s fun to do, my kids enjoy it. Me? I’m a Sith Lord again I like it and thats all that matters to me. My eldest is going to be lord knows what but I bought her some batteries for her Lightsaber just in case thats what she chooses to do again. Their Mother hasn’t spoken about what she might decide to do this year. But she can figure it out I’m sure. This will be the second year we are making our own costumes. You should really think about doing this. It makes the holiday fun again, the suspense is more, plus when someone compliments your costume they really mean it.  It may not be the coolest looking thing but its still great fun!! We missed out on Pumpkin picking this year because of a lack of money but it doesn’t matter, so long as there is candy and costumes. I’m surprised we didn’t get a mummy this year to be honest they had been talking about it non stop a month or so before.  Mummy’s are pretty easy. I think they have been replaced by Zombies to be honest but what else is new. Everything has been replaced by Zombies.

I’m about to go into the attic and get down the decorations we have so we can put some up seems to me its a perfect day for it since it is raining out. Maybe watch some scary movies and just have a lazy day here at home with my kids.

I was thinking about going to rent a scary movies but couldn’t think of one to watch, thats a bit sad considering what job I had for over 13 years. So anyway I wish you all a Happy Halloween weekend. I’m adding links from a few articles on making your own costumes on here in case you want to give it a shot.

Star Wars


Last Minute

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