What is the name of that…..

I spent some time with a friend yesterday.  That’s nice right? I don’t see her as often as I would like because lives get busy and things come up.  We had fun though and that’s what counts.  At one point, we were chatting about movies, and of course the question always comes up “Hey, what’s the name of that?”  At which point you start to try and find out.

I didn’t know the answer so she tried to look it up on her phone, couldn’t find it. We knew it was a Beatles song, we knew… or thought we did it was in Poltergeist II. She knew it was the male lead who sang it, I knew the actors name, Craig T. Nelson.  The search continued on the phone for 15 minutes or so until we got to her place. The search switched to a laptop at that point as well as the phone. Searching everywhere for this. Couldn’t find it. We spent almost 3 hours on it , yes we are dedicated maybe a bit deranged but at that point it had become a mission a moral imperative to find out what the songs was.


Finally she decided we would have to skim through the movie to find it, she was pretty sure it was just before the part where Mr. Freely pukes up the worm… So we tried finding a place online to watch it and look around, nothing available for streaming.  So she signed up  for Netflix at that point and que’d it up and we fast forwarded it to where we thought the part was. Yep you guessed it, wasn’t that part 🙂  I had to go at that point.  She settled in to watch the movie from the beginning and get the answer to the question we had started asking almost Three hours before.  Now I had planned on watching the movie when I got home because it was bothering me too but as I got on the highway my phone rings… “Hey I got it, the name of the song is…”

You, didn’t think I was going to tell you all dear readers but I know it, Besides calling me she also send it in a text message just to be sure I got it.  Now some people would look at this as a big waste of time, myself I think it was pretty damn fun plus I got a story to write about it. I actually got more then this story but those are for another day.

I told her she should start a blog about things that you can’t find anywhere on the Internet, everytime you get one of those “Whats the name of” type questions for people who just HAVE to know the answer but cant find it. She didnt seem to interested so I will do it, at least for this one.

In the Beginning of Poltergeist II The Freeling are in the kitchen of the grandmother and Steve Freeling (Craig T. Nelson) sings a few lines to Diane Freeling (JoBeth Williams) the name of the song is “If I Fell.” By the Beatles. So now it should come up in a search.

So now you know.  Even if you didn’t want to.  So here’s a big thanks to “Fae”, for the company, the coffee, the story… Oh and for finally giving me my cookie dough!

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