Happy Thanksgiving, be kind to each other.

So It’s Thanksgiving time.  A day to give thanks for the things in our lives we appreciate. What do you appreciate though? Dig down deep and think of something in your life you truly do appreciate. There are not many things on my list. This isn’t to take away from yours but I’m still struggling with certain realities in my own life so I’m a bit bitter this year. I’m going to be thankful that next year should be better, one way or another.

So what is Thanksgiving?  It is a day we celebrate here in the U.S. because when the settlers got here from England they had a rough time of it and were dying of starvation and disease as well as the elements. Local Indian tribes took pity on them as good neighbors should in times of need. They fed them and helped them survive here in the “New Land.” Taught them the things they needed to survive.

In return the Settlers had built a large log church and invited them all to a feast to say thanks. It’s a nice story and I doubt there was a giant table or anything like we see depicted in the story book editions of this holiday but still, It’s nice to think that strangers can treat one another with such good will.

Unfortunately the English sellers that came after weren’t so nice and the Native American tribes were virtually wiped out. But that’s a different story. I’m not trying to guilt anyone. None of us were alive then so I feel no guilt over those events, anymore then I do over slavery. I say this because I think we could all do much better helping out the strangers in our lives, and not only on Thanksgiving. Let us use the lessons of the past both good and bad to avoid making those some mistakes in the future.

I wish you all a very Happy and festive Thanksgiving this year. Enjoy the food, friends family and football. Just think about this story though and If given the chance reach out to a stranger and make them feel welcome too. I added a few related articles below to help out a bit in some small way in entertaining kids :). Also a link to a video that i found rather telling.

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