Sometimes I get asked the oddest questions.

For example, “Are those your real eye’s?” I don’t get asked that during Halloween when I have contacts in either but on a normal day. Now I know I have “pretty eyes”, I have been told it often enough but, come on people, you really think they are fake now? It’s the color and the long lashes, maybe I should try makeup. Let me tell you though, for being pretty they don’t work very well anymore, all hail the eyeglasses of clear vision. Other odd questions I get asked.  “Are you really like this?” Like what exactly, like myself? Why yes, yes I am. I suppose they mean slighty odd in the way I think about things but still… What kind of question is that to ask.

I have never really understood this, and I’m sure I do it at times too. Problem is I try really hard not to and yet some people seem to do this constantly. Getting out of my truck people ask me if its mine… Really? Come on people get it together already would you.

Then there are the generic questions not specific to me but to everyone.  One of my favorites being “Hey what are you doing here?” which is usually uttered when I’m someplace like the grocery store or the Dentist. Come on really? Thats the best you can do for an ice breaker? Thats like asking a girl in a bar what they are doing there. Chances are you don’t really want to know, ok some of you do but still.

1. When at the movie theater, being asked if you are here to see a movie. – I usually respond with moving pictures scare me.

2. Same idea differnt place, While waiting on line at the airport being asked “Taking a trip?” – I used to say I was a terrorist. Can’t anymore though.

3. After arguing with someone, being asked if you are mad at them – No, No not at all and pay no mind to the ice pick in my hand.

4. After telling someone I can do something being asked if I can do it. – This kills me – Sometimes I pretend they I never said I could.

5. When I answer the house phone and the person on the other side asks me where I am. — Really? I usually ask Metaphysically?

 How many more can you think of? Comment with what goofy questions you get asked. I would love to hear from you.

The questions to the left are kind of funny and I wouldn’t count that type of thing when it is done for fun. You can find many things like this.

Seriously though… make comments and add to the mayhem.


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