Broken resolutions….. the real deal!

I find this to be true. We make New Years resolutions we mean to stick to them but by the second week in… BAM! They have for the most part gone by the wayside. From apathy or just making unrealistic goals only you can say, at least for yourselves. For me though, its from apathy for the most part. If I even make resolutions its usually only because my kids harassed me to do it “Dad, you have to!” Some of the more common resolutions that get broken are…

Weight LossWell, it is a noble goal. Losing weight should be as simple as eating smart and exercising.  Unfortunately especially for me… I really like snacks. Cookies, cake, pie, candy, soda, popcorn… oh man I need a snack right now hang on. Alright I’m back, where was I? Oh, yes, crackers, pepperoni, cheese… and that was just New Years Eve. I’m sure you can see my point. Doesn’t help when the local Gym is next to places as shown below.

Quitting SmokingSee now this is a good one. I struggle with this alot. I consider myself retired from smoking, that way when I do smoke I don’t feel as bad about myself. Problem is around one week after the New Year is when the holiday Credit Card bills come in and suddenly you want a cigarette badly. Just so you know only about 15% of people who quit manage it for 6 months. Stick to it though its worth it. Don’t give up you can do it, I have to believe this for my own sake as well.

Save Money: Tuff one this, save it how? Save it why? What the incentive? See, this is why it’s hard you need to do more then just say your going to save some money. Besides once that holiday credit card bill comes in you will be out buying a pack of cigarettes and some candy bars anyway. Really though this one should be easier than it is. I will help you out here a bit. Make a budget, you will do better with one.


Well, those are my top three anyway, people make the same ones year after year. Learn new things, Stress less, work less, spend time with family, relax, take a vacation, volunteer and drink less. The list goes on and on but by the second week in its usually over and done with. We usually cant even remember what we said. So here is your wake up call!!!! Knuckle back down and stick to it. I have faith in you!


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