Birthdays and Kids… Like Torture and, well Torture…

As some of you already know I have children… technically three of them but at times it seems more like seven of them. Today is my middle child’s Birthday. She is officially a teenager. My eldest daughter turned me gray I’m frightened that now I will go bald!

Being a bit strapped on money this year we went another route. We allowed her to choose what we would be doing. For dinner and for fun here at home. Now this happened at the dinner table a few nights past and the other “Children” in the house all had ideas. This includes both dogs who wanted to have a digging contest in the back yard.

The actual kids though wanted to do things like “Create a new dictionary using all the words we make up.” Words like Barban which for some reason means Bus. No I don’t know why. Anyway the newly crowned 13yr old decided that she would like to have BBQ! Now this doesn’t mean BBQ ribs or the like but rather, “Dad will BBQ Burgers and Hot Dogs.” It’s January, in NY… and right now it’s snowing a bit outside as I write this.

I am seriously considering pulling the BBQ up to the side of the house and cooking through an open window. I have been told that this would not be a good idea. I think standing out in the snow is a worse idea… but its her Birthday so I guess I should go put on my snow boots now, make sure they still fit. Time to suit up as it were… snow suit up… sheesh. The things we do for our kids.

I should be concerned since it is Friday the 13th and she is turning 13… maybe I should get the fire extinguisher, just in case!

One Reply to “Birthdays and Kids… Like Torture and, well Torture…”

  1. Great short Ed. You were blessed from the beginning. It’s all your fault too! Enjoy them while you can, they will all leave you in a few yrs.


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