Death…. Wait what?

Ya, its going to be that year again. The year where the entire world comes to an end… again.  Thats right again.  Stupid Mayan’s ruined it for everyone this year, I can’t  remember who ruined it last year but still.  This year though its the Mayans!

I think if anyone is going to die its going to be the Mayan’s… Oh wait. Ya already happened, well perhaps their descendent’s will pay the ultimate price. Come to think of it. Last year it was the billboard guy right? Yep The guy with the billboard.

There we go so October 21st… 2011. Anyone know what todays date is? I think its 2012.. so the world is going to end again, apparently we are now Zombies or something we are on a planet full of the undead… I’m not buying it. Oh but wait there is more.

Oh wow… Nostadamus… wrong about the end of the world more then anyone else ever! He gets trotted out frequently to scare the herds of humans. Problem with that is he has as much authenticity now as some other famous people who have declared that the end is near.. or perhaps “The Monster is coming!”

And if Kareem Abdul Jabbar says so it must have been true… Of course that was a long time ago, “Not with a bang, but a whisper…” This year will be the same.. there won’t be a bang, the whispers will end.. And in 2013  here is what happens… You have been warned!


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