A broken life… A broken promise… What now?

I’m in a bind as usual. One of my own making, that’s normal too. Some people can go through life on a wing and a prayer never wondering what to do. I try that, I do well at it most days. Then there are some where it doesn’t work so well. Today is one of those. It’s not even my fault and yet… seems like it’s going to be seen that way.

You see it’s like this. Nothing is right, I thought it was for a while a long while, but it’s really not right at all. Trying to fix it though seems to be a lost cause. Actually trying to fix it seems stupid. I plan, I debate… in the end it will come down to a simple choice. To be or not to be… it is still the question. What then is the answer?

Anyone, anyone at all? No, well I can’t tell yet. Maybe if people comment. Oh and if you are thinking of commenting keep in mind I read them so be nice or I might cry. I know if I were on the show I would hear the words “Break up with yourself.” Which reminds me… On Tuesdays, from 7-10pm come laugh with or at us at makearightlefthere.com. Shameless plug for my friend.


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