Betting on some fun… Betting is for suckers, just have fun!

I’m a big fan of having fun. Anyone who actually knows me knows this. Some of my more idiotic examples of trying to have fun include throwing jumping jacks into the BBQ while my friend was cooking. Not my brightest idea… but it was funny. By the way Cronus, if you are reading this, im glad your hand healed up, the burgers were still awesome though.

Then there was the time we used ariel mortars on the 4th of July and one of us… Cronus… managed to knock the launcher over and the mortar flew under a parked car in the parking lot half a block away. Oppps.

So lets take fireworks off the list. Here in NY it’s a pain in the ass to get them anyway. <if anyone wants to ship me some contact me privately>

But here are a few fun things you can do.

Head down to the ballpark.. get in a pickup game of baseball or softball or any game really.

Not enough people for that start a neighborhood wide game of hide and seek.

Go feed some ducks…. never-mind the don’t feed the ducks sign, it’s to late. If you don’t feed them they will starve.

Head down to the local park with a chess set, see what new person you can meet.

Notice no where does it say take your cell phone… Meet some actual people in person for a change.


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