Delivery method unknown….

I hear people talk, I don’t always understand them but I hear them.  Things like when war breaks out it’s going to be crazy, nukes going off all over the place. Well, alright I have a plan in place for that. I doubt anywhere near me is a target. I should be able to watch the show and seen the pretty clouds before I get obliterated.

Personally I dont think its going to happen that way… to spectacular. I like the whole idea Stephen King Used in “The Stand.” “The world will end not with a bang, but a whisper.” T.S. Elliot, guy had a point. It’s not going to be something grand, its going to be some kind of test tube problem. Think Resident Evil, And you will see where I’m coming from. Some guy in a subway drops a glass vial… thats all she wrote folks.

It worked to wipe out the Indians.. think about it. Small Pox infested blankets. Diabolical isn’t it. It’s been done through history. Plague infected corpses tossed over the defenders walls to demoralize and infect the defending forces. Its simple effective and spread all on its own.

Now there are of course the more wild ideas about space aliens, or Elves finally coming out of hiding and deciding the Humans just aren’t that amusing anymore. Thinks Mars Attacks, Invasion of the Body Snatchers or even the Borg from Star Trek… Resistance is indeed futile.

What I’m getting at here is simple…. it’s coming. Tomorrow or 300 years from now it’s coming one way or another. Personally I’m rooting for the Elves, but according to the bible its going to happen one way or another.. the delivery system doesn’t matter… the end result is the same so why dwell on it. Go out and get some ice cream.


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