“G” Is for…. well alot of things, all of them funny!

See here is the thing, I’m doing the A-Z Blog Challenge. Sort of, since I’m uncertain of the exact rules. There is the added complication of my starting late. Then of course the final part of, I’m a bit weird and today is supposed to be the letter “G.” My problem being the first thing that popped into my head was Gargamel…Which led to other things I found entertaining that start with the letter “G.”

I find many words that start with “G” to be funny. Giraffe’s are a good example, in my head they sound like they look and that makes me laugh. I wrote some stories about a giraffe just because I thought they were funny. Then there is the word “Gargoyle,” always liked Gargoyles.. even the TV show way back when. Some of the Gargoyle sculptures just crack me up, they aren’t all guardians and the first ones I remember seeing as a kid were funny not scary!

Then there is Guacamole, Guinea pig, Glider, Glamour and of course one of my very favorites Gnome. Come on Gnomes are funny. I’ve written on this blog twice about Gnomes. Both the Garden variety and Zombie-fide ones. They make me laugh, There are Gnomes everywhere now from World of Warcraft to… well Zombies šŸ™‚

The thing is its all I can think about now funny words that start with “G.” How many can you think of? Leave some comments! Lets see how big of a list we can come up with!

7 Replies to ““G” Is for…. well alot of things, all of them funny!”

  1. When I was a kid I always liked it if I was in a store that sold “Grab Bags”. They usually had crap in them that the store couldn’t sell otherwise but it was always about the element of surprise. Once I got one and my surprise was a decorative spoon. That was 50 year ago and I think I still have that spoon somewhere.

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  2. Makes me think of Gallbladder-which I promptly got rid of a number of yrs. ago. And of course a Guinness, which I have never had but would like to try someday.


  3. I like gaggle of geese partly because of the alliteration and well gaggle is one of those words that sounds like it should mean something completely different for me (Strangle) SO I end up picturing geese strangling each other mid flight for a better view on their migration.


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