Holidays… different meanings for all and to all a good Day!

Since today is Easter and represents the letter “H” in the blog a day challenge. I thought I would take a few moments and discuss Holidays. Yes that’s right, those days when we overindulge in things. Today, Easter for example many people eat so much candy that it’s possible they will drop into a diabetic coma and die.

Well maybe not die, but still you know what I mean right. I personally Love the candy goodness. Problem is that my waist line does not, so even today I will take it easy on the candy. Alright not really, but I’m thinking about taking it easy. Just because I had twoeggs for breakfast doesn’t mean anything. Stop judging me.

Other holidays are the same really. Thanksgiving? A day we give thanks for all the good food.. umm friends and family we have surrounding us. If this isn’t an overindulgent food festival I don’t really know what is. Turkey, potatoes, carrots, green beans, stuffing, butter, soup, salad, shrimp, snacks, chips, raw veggies and dip. I’m feeling bloated and sleepy just thinking about it. Then of course comes piles of dessert, cake, pie, pudding… oh my.

Then there is St Patrick’s day. Different kind of overindulgence, Mmmmm Mmmmm Jack and coke… and well, whatever it is you want three gallons of. Add in some nice corn beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes. Well you get the idea. Mostly though pass the alcohol and keep them coming until we can’t see. It’s not a true St. Patrick’s day until we are just as green as the clothing we are wearing! So lift a pint or twenty my friends!

Halloween… yep More candy :). Memorial day combines food at a BBQ with the massive amounts of drinking involved in St Pattys. Same for Labor day, 4th of July and whatever other holidays fall into the summertime. Just add outdoor fun and sunshine to the regular stuff.New Years…. wow, that’s all kinds of crazy right. Well leave that one alone, what happens on New Years stays… well you know what I mean I’m sure. The real funny part is the resolutions people make swearing most times not to do what they are going to do all New Years Eve.

Finally there is  Christmas, the biggest one of them all, Drinking.. less a bit then others but still there. Food in quantities rivaling that of Thanksgiving plus!!! PRESENTS!!! We max out the credit cards, break the savings account and even bounce checks if we need to just so we can all give more then we get. I’m not sure how Hanukkah works but… I’m going to go out on a limb and say the people who celebrate go a bit overboard as well.

Now, I’m not saying don’t celebrate, don’t have fun. What I am saying is this, enjoy the days with friends and family. Include everyone you can and let them know you care. Not with food, candy, drinks or presents but with lots of affection, love and hugs. Well Except new years… to hell with it go wild!


5 Replies to “Holidays… different meanings for all and to all a good Day!”

  1. Hey there, glad I caught up with your blog. Great writing style–love the wit and humour. (And I’m not even going to say how readily I identify with the holiday food obsession. Okay, I just did, but I’m sure you can keep a secret.)


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