Jackalope, Natures Little Weirdo!

I know, you don’t believe, and thats fine. I’m betting you are the type of reader who doesn’t believe in Bigfoot, Nessie, Aliens, Ghosts… or for that matter Elves. Today we will be talking about the often provoked, never understood Jackalope! Lets start with some basic facts. The Jackalope or Lepus temperamentalus, as the scientific community calls it. Looks at first glance to be a cross between an Antelope or other horned creature, and a Jack Rabbit. Photographs show huge Jackalope’s being ridden by people while they tried to settle the west. The town of Douglas, Wyoming the home of the Jackalope even has a festival to celebrate their heritage.

Settlers in the west didn't always have access to horses.

It’s unfortunate that people don’t believe in the Jackalope anymore. While for the most part they seem to be extinct do to their peculiar breeding habits this is in fact incorrect. Jackalope reportedly will only breed during a lightening storm. If true it still would come no where close to canceling out the prolific breeding instincts of their cousins the rabbit. We here at Outside Perception believe this to cancel out any drawback from the peculiar mating rituals.

Jackalopes are a far cry from the friendly bunnies they appear to be. There have been multiple reports of attacks by packs of them all across the midwest. It’s become so common place that even company’s such as Wizards of the Coast have made playing cards featuring them with a bit of tongue in cheek humor.  Truth is though, tires have been slashed by jackalope incursions, fences torn down and entire towns demolished by these forces. At this point because of lack of support by the Government locals have taken to going on Jackalope hunts, similar to the Snipe hunts back around 2000-2001. Hunters go out sometimes in groups of up to 50 or 60 and try to corner a Jackalope. The problem is, as with Bigfoot, they are elusive. Many hunters don’t return from the hunts, only the quickest in both thought and deed usually manager to bag a Jackalope.

While some may find this display grotesque Jackalope are five time more vicious than a wolverine, three times as powerful as a grizzly bear, and believe it or not, just like Superman, faster then a speeding bullet.


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