Knots and there many uses.

Now some may think, “Knots?” This whack job is really going to write a blog about the many uses of knots. Yes, yes I am, because I think, it’s high time the younger generation out there learn exactly why tying knots is important. As a matter of fact I think I’m going to number them.

Let just say that you are out in the badlands of America… roundabout’s New Jersey. You see an armed man rob a local convenience store. He runs out to jump on his… umm horse yah that’s it horse! What knot do you think would come in handy at this point? Well, if you answered Hangman’s knot, you got it right! Nicely done! You can’t have a proper execution without a nice noose and gallows. During the days of the Wild West making a ” hangman’s noose was part of the training for all sheriffs. <This isn’t true, but it should be now, think low tech Judge Dredd for today’s law enforcement>
Next up we have a different kind of Knot… as In tying the knot as in a wedding knot. Now I know what you are thinking. This is the very best day ever. You are going to enter into Holy matrimony… or Unholy I suppose if not using a faith-based initiative for it. Either way… OK wait or if you are a zombie, then I suppose it could be an Undead matrimony. I digress though, as I was saying the very best day of your life or unlife. So what kind of knot would you need… No, No, No… not another hangman’s noose, that doesn’t happen until many years… ok months… would you believe days? Of blissful… oh never mind just look at the picture. Here is another great example of when a Knot could come in handy. You kidnap some poor kid who’s Daddy has more money then Bill Gates Great-uncle Warbucks. How would you keep him from escaping <Assuming you don’t know how to use duct tape>? That’s right!! You would use a knot. Not just any knot would do though you have to use the kidnapper’s special knot. The one made famous by such men as… ummm… no, no they all used duct tape. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT THOUGH! You would use. Hmm you know what use duct tape. I have no idea what knot this is in the picture below.

Last one, lets say your in a cartoon, you pick. You have captured the hero, yes you are the bad guy/gal/person/human oh whatever you are it’s your cartoon. Now I assume you also haven’t read the Evil Overlord‘s Guide. Now you want to eliminate the hero by placing him on some train tracks and allowing the 4pm out of  Hogwart’s to splatter him or her.. or it. What knot would you use here?  Thats right the ACME tube-knot-rope-thingy-that-backfires. Good call, see below!

I hope you have learned as much about knot’s as I haven’t, someone should get something out of this! Have a wonderful day and remember keep on knotting!


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