Nap time… the best thing ever.

Anyone who has ever taken a good nap knows that it’s the very best thing you can do for yourself. One hour can restore you to a more functioning state, even 30 minutes. There is research out there all about the power of naps and its benefits. Of course, we don’t do that here to often here we talk about other things.

For most of us this is the first nap time we remember, school. A nice mat a favorite blankey and some good friends all around us. Of course none of us really napped we were all too busy whispering in what we thought was a very quiet voice. Yet I’m certain we weren’t. Little kids are bad whisperers. The best part of this nap though was that it was generally followed by some milk and cookies. If only we could do this at work during the day. one big room set aside for thirty minutes before lunch to lay down next to co-workers and whisper at each other, just being silly. I bet productivity would skyrocket if we could do this.

The above though is what usually happens. This guy went outside at least for his nap. Many of us simply fall asleep at our chairs on our desks. Thats bad for your back though so a nice hard surface like a bench would be useful. It’s also possible the guy up above died though since he does seem to have a coffee cup there.

Now this is the right way to nap if you are out on an adventure and just want to take a nice break… soak in the sun and scenery. It’s also handy if you bring along someone to take a picture of you while doing it so everyone else who See’s it can be jealous of how awesome a nap place you found.

Then of course there is the at home spooning time nap. Spoon napping during the day is always nice since it could possibly lead to forking. Its like spooning but using a different utensil. 🙂 Now you have to be careful or you could add to the school nap program in 5 years if you don’t have a protected fork.

Just be careful where you start building your nap habits.  The above picture is cute… later on in life forming the toilet nap could cause you big problems. Go grab a nap today!


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