Originality… Be Unique, Just like everyone else.

There you have it folks. You are indeed Unique, just like everyone else. Originality has been relegated to video games at this point. Even then they all follow the same pattern. People, places and things can all have just a bit of different in them, not much though. Think about it when was the last time you saw someone walking down the street and just said to yourself “Wow, that person is differnt!” No time recently I’m sure. Sure sure… there are some people out there who dare to be different… they usually get mocked though.Maybe wearing a dress made out of meat is just a bit much. But it was pretty original wasn’t it. Not to mention the egg thing she arrived in to whatever awards show that was. SO I mock her, someone has to 🙂 Good thing there weren’t any zombies or Wolves about this particular evening. I do hear that they had a kick ass bbq at her place later that evening though.


People in general tend to be mocked for being different in how they appear. We do like people with original thoughts though… so long as they have been dead for fifty or so years. I can remember one guy who thought that the earth wasn’t flat… boy did that go over badly. Another who thought that just maybe the Sun didn’t revolve around the Earth. Of course years later and even now they were considered “Forward thinking.”

So the moral if there can be one on a Blog like mine is this. If you want to be original. Be an original thinker, not a meat dress wearing nut job.



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