Pot Luck Dinners… Frightening to say the least!

We’ve all done them. The Pot Luck supper. Bring some food to a group event and just put it all out on the tables, then dig in. These things frighten me. You never know whats in it. or what it is in some cases. “Hey is that steak,” You might ask. The reply isn’t always what you might hope to hear, sometimes after you have eaten half of it. Sure it could be steak the Korean couple two blocks over from you contributed. Or it could be “Lady” the missing Doberman. Different people have different customs, but I wouldn’t want to eat at their place.

Now you may be thinking that an exaggeration. Perhaps a bit since it’s different countries have ideas of what’s an acceptable food for dinner. So to do different States. I ate something  when I was in Utah, I would never have even heard of here in New York.Truth is though depending on where you are in the United States, what you think you are eating mat not be and at a Pot Luck dinner who knows what you might have. In the case of food I think Don’t ask, Don’t tell is a perfectly acceptable policy.

Looks Delicious... Pork Brain. Yep.. Brain!

Pork Brain anyone? Well no thank you I’m full. I don’t like any organ meat I have ever tried and until I’m a Zombie Im really going to pass on something called Brains.

MMMMM Snake....

Now Snake I actually did like, I don’t think I would have though if I had been told what it was before hand. The adage that it tastes like chicken is not true, it has a pretty great flavor though. I can’t get it anymore and even if I did no one here would eat it. Unless I didn’t tell them of course. Come on by for dinner one night!

This looks good... Squirrel...

OK maybe good isn’t the right word… but it’s defiantly something you could find at a potluck dinner. A nice braised squirrel. Still hungry? Next time you are at a Pot Luck Dinner…. eat what you brought its safer.. Bull balls, roadkill, snails, frog legs, dog, cat, squirrel, snake, deer, bear, antelope, jackalope… you never know what could be in the stew pot. Better safe then sorry!


2 Replies to “Pot Luck Dinners… Frightening to say the least!”

  1. I’ve got to agree with you on this. Pot lucks make me uncomfortable if not downright queasy. You never know the standards of cleanliness where the food was prepared and some of the dishes look just plain unappetizing. At my church I always found that the best tasting safest looking food was what the Koreans brought. Some of those American casseroles looked rather dubious to say the least.

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