Quiet… where to find it.

Now quiet isn’t always the same as peace. You might always have the sounds of the voices in your head. For that you need medication in massive doses administered at regular intervals by a trained medical practitioner. I have some places where I go to get some quiet. I won’t tell you exactly where because… well I don’t want you bugging me. I bet though you have some similar places around you.

Church… not during services of course but a church, especially a very old one has a sense of quiet about it. You can almost feel the pressure in the building on your ears. It sort of muffles all outside sound and makes it an ideal place to just relax a bit. I’m sure God likes visitors so it wont be an issue and since it’s a church, in most cases even if someone else comes in they are very quiet as well.

Then there is the Library which while a quiet type place… has a sense of desperation about it from students attempting to cram a last bit of world useless but classroom required brilliance into their heads. I do like the library but it’s not always up to the task at hand for me.

Similar to a Library is a bookstore… we instinctively quiet down when in one because of the Library Taboo. There may not be a Librarian to shuush people but we tend to talk softly when in one. Perhaps humbled by the knowledge surrounding us. The book store also lacks the desperation of the library itself.

Now the beach… while not quiet all the time is frequently people quiet. If you find the right place at least. Chairs are optional of course I tend to sit in the sand or climb the lifeguard tower if it’s still up. I like going at night. You get quite a view of the night sky, no lights and the only people out there are doing the same thing you are. Plus waves are soothing :).

Last for me… Hiking trails. This is some nice quiet. You see some nice things, get some exercise and just soak it all in. I usually take a camera with me. Don’t bring your phone though you will frighten the animals, bring a real camera. You get some quiet and some nature. Where do you go for some Quiet?


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