Relgion? Yeah I have one, Mine!

Let’s see how much hate mail one person can receive. See I’m not going to do anything crazy here. I’m not going to attack anyone’s faith, and I’m not going to try to convert you to mine, whatever mine is. I’m just going to type a bit about Religion, or spirituality, or whatever word you prefer.

See I believe in God, I believe that everyone believes in God. Mine, yours I think it’s all the same. Odin, Zeus, Jesus, Loki, Neptune, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Ra you know the name of a Deity or Demi-God. It’s all the same to me. It doesn’t matter to me what name you use. I know who you mean and so does He? She? Well, I’m unclear on the Gender issue really I have faith I will find out, or not eventually.

Then there are things like Icons… Sun, Moon, Stars, Trees, Rocks, Golden Disks, Shrouds. Crosses, Pentacles. The list goes on… People like to have things they can look at as symbols of that faith. Now some things say worshiping an idol is wrong… However, with our limited understanding across time of course we have done so, and there is not a thing wrong with that either. It’s what’s behind  Important.   with the different names we use. It’s all a search for understanding of something we can never understand until it’s time to do so. There are no easy answers, there are in fact no answers at all, just perceptions of such.

I know of many people who have a very set standard for what is and is not true. I respect that. I have friends who have a very loose organization of their belief system and I accept that. I know a few people like myself who accept a bit of all of it and at the same time none of it. We are all searching for truths we will never really be certain of until death and then we cant let anyone else know. Yes Even the atheists… I get it I really do but even a belief in nothing is still a belief.

So I wish you all Peace and Long Life, Water and Shade, The Company of friends under the eyes of whatever it is you believe in. Its all the same to me.

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