Science… Like religion only without the faith.

See since I just did a post on Religion, seems only fair I do one on science now. Here’s the thing though… I think its like a religion anyway. Just from another point of view. See so far as I can tell Scientists are trying to prove things. They don’t for th e most part look at the mysteries of the universe and think God did it, they look at it and want to know how it happened. Sure God did it, maybe… but how? How did he do that… or she.

Well as a Layperson I have some thoughts on this. First things first. We know something happened, thats pretty much it lol. Not being a scientist or even really having any scientific thoughts other then when the smoke escapes from my electronic devices which immediately stop working I have no clue. I know that smoke makes electronics work though, cause when the smoke escapes… it stops working. I’m sure a scientist could explain that much better than I though. I hope you take my point there.

Science attempts to explain it all. Nothing wrong with that, they work on faith sometimes, I believe the word they use is Hypothesis though. Sounds much more sciency :). Then they try to prove it. As an example Scientist have studied remote prayer. This is when people pray for the sick without their knowledge, in the hope they get better. Well guess what it works. Religious people have always believed and now Scientists do to. I think Ultimately the world religion could become science.

See I like science, I like knowing that things work a certain way because they are meant to do so. Gravity is a pretty nice thing to know about. We take it for granted, but its very cool anyway. Think On gravity and how great it is for a few moments, be amazed. Science can explain it… I can’t I just know it works and I like it. At some point though no one knew why it worked or how it happened. It was simply Magic!

One Reply to “Science… Like religion only without the faith.”

  1. Everyone wants to believe something, and this often means rejecting something else which frequently results in some type of conflict. I don’t know about other religions too much, but I do know that the Bible is very compatible with science if one looks closely enough.

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