Truth… It’s out there someplace.

Truth as they say… is always from a certain point of view. I know I know there are scientific constants and such but… Not if you don’t know about them. Think I’m wrong? Well Its possible, but from who’s perspective?

Perception to me is everything. How many Legs does that Elephant have. Is it an illusion or is it reality? Some might say both. Others could say it’s a trick. A little kid might say 8 legs… good luck convincing them otherwise too. What is the truth though? Well as you can see it depends on ones own perceptions.

So who’s right above? Look way to the left end… Few of us can say we are fans of Karl Marx, but Albert Einstein? Look right now… Kissinger right there with Dick Cheney. I know I know some of you are fans, thats fine. different perspective right. Look Left again. Equality is a good thing… Communism isn’t though… not to me at least. OK how about dead center of the spectrum… and please don’t pick apart the chart 🙂 I didn’t make it, it’s someone elses perception of it. OK so dead center. Many people fall in that general area, or at least don’t hate the things in there, except, well Clinton we all know did some weird stuff. Adams and Jefferson owned Slaves. See where I’m going there. It’s about what we think is truth and with media today… sometimes it’s whoever can shout the loudest.

Well I’m not a huge fan of the above, but it was the best I could find and does nicely dovetail into what I’m trying to point out. Different perspectives on the same thing are held to be “The Truth” by the believer himself. This is shown again and again through history with Religion. The two top things that are likely to cause arguments are politics and religion. What ever happened to can’t we just all get along?

Yep, the Truth can be hidden, obscured and at one point completely wrong. Think about it… What causes Plague according to someone who was alive 300 years ago? Ancient Rome was the height of human science at one point, Who did they worship? The smallest thing in the universe is an Atom oh wait.. it’s not. There are nine planets in our Solar System. Who’s truth are you talking about?


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