Un… Everything

So with the blog challenge today’s letter is supposed to be “U.” Well after sitting and thinking about it I have discovered that I don’t like any normal words that start with “U” except unicycle… and I just couldn’t come up with much to say about on. I’ve never used one, they look like fun. I just have no idea. Instead I went to my trusty Thesaurus. I have one in book form. I like it better then the online one, I get to see more then just what I am looking for that way, but I digress. I’m sure you are used to it. What I found in my book though was that hundreds of letter “U” words are undone, undeserved, unimpressed… you get the Idea. So what else could we do with “Un.”

Unamazing might be nice. I had read that the word amazing was voted one of the most overused words last year. Why not turn that around and perhaps balance it out a bit by calling things Unamazing this year. For example… “Outside Perceptions Blog today was completely  Unamazing.” I think this is a great idea.

This picture is so Unamazing.

Another good one for me would be unchaotic. I didn’t see this one in the book either. Negative chaos. I’m not sure what that would be really. A void of everything I would imagine. All the chaos removed. I suppose it would be similar to unlife. No No we aren’t talking undead, we are talking unchaos or perhaps it should be unlife.

This room is Unchaotic
This area is full of unlife

We all can think of some things we would like to do with the addition of the word  “Un.” Unwriters-blocked. That would be a good one for most of us I would think :). Unjobbed, could be interesting i would think although I believe that one is referred to as fired.  Undejected, Undemented, Unspastic.

I know I had to reach for this one but I got it done, So unshakeyourheadatmypost. 🙂

3 Replies to “Un… Everything”

  1. Uninteresting!!! :^P

    You could have said U is for apple… apples are bad they make me blow up from a food allergy. Just sayin! I’ve been doing the blogs for this week since I never got anything from you punk -shakes fist- but give me all the information for the ABC thing and I will take care of it.

    Unsatisfied is a word I am using today. I am so hungry and my belly hurts :^(


  2. You just reminded me–I need to go chop up some onions to put in my pot of beans I’ve got cooking. Yeah, I’m having an unelaborate dinner tonight, but fancying it up with onions.

    Weird, weird, weird…
    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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