“X” Really I have to come up with an X post?

Seriously? Well alright then, if I have to. Can I use a lifeline? Make a call perhaps? Check in with the Cyber-Land Audience? Maybe I should wait until tomorrow… see if someone else doing the challenge has some novel idea that could perhaps spark my own inner creationism. Well, no I wouldn’t do that. Shucks, then I guess I will just have to muddle through the land of “X” as best I can.

“X” as a letter is rather peculiar isn’t it? It’s always hiding. Like it’s playing some perpetual form of hide and go seek, or perhaps manhunt. Find “X,” well… what If I choose not to do so. What if, instead I just let him stay hidden and say to hell with him. He is 11, and that’s all there is to it.

Then there is the constant speaking of people “X’s.” I hate my X. I saw my X. My X is an asshole. You know what I mean. In this particular case “X” gets a dreadful rap since it’s really Ex. Humans are lazy though so poor Mr. X takes the blame once again. I feel bad for him and all. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do for him. He’s been relegated to signify some loser, dirtbag, whore person with delusions of adequacy.

There are some positives for “X” though. X-Factor, X-men, this stems from the evil math problems with its elusive and unexplainable X problems, but in these cases at least it’s so much more fun! So it gets used to explain away the unexplainable that always elusive and mysterious X factor that makes everything happen. Especially in Comic Books!

Then of course Mr. “X” gets a great bit of mystery with the always fun and exciting X marks the spot. Pirates have used this for years to mark their most important treasures on a map. Who Wouldn’t want to be a Pirate? Well maybe a Ninja but still, even Ninja’s wanted to be something really cool when they grow up.

There you are… “X” the elusive, repulsive, mysterious and treasured letter of the Alphabet.

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