Really…. A cat can create a paradox?

The debate continues… Is the cat alive, or is it dead. Could be one or the other… depending on your on perception. Or the person watching perspective. Or, lets be honest here… On the Cats perspective, is the human who stuck him in the box alive or dead. I’m sure that cat is hoping and praying on dead.

This is an interesting thing to think about. For those of you who are unaware. Schrodinger’s Cat. Basically a Paradox, or an attempt at an intellectual exercise in what a paradox could be. It may not have been intended that way. From what I have read it wasn’t but I do find myself using it to explain what a paradox is. That in itself is a paradox. To me anyway… I feel I break the Temporal Prime Directive quite often. Problem is, I like things to be funny, so of course… here we go.

Undead Kitty's Since 1935

Keep in mind this occurred in 1935… the jokes continue on to today. So there must be something rather deep about this experiment. Especially considering all the jokes that accompany it. Which is to say, the poor cat has now joined the ranks of the undead. I’m a fan of the undead and they are literally everywhere as you may have seen from my other blogs about gnomes. But you can see cartoons about how he (Schrodinger) would get a cat in the mail from an admirer or for his birthday. Shirts that say his cat is dead on the front, and on the back dead. Easter eggs in video games going all the way back to Zork. Anything that can be this funny for this long must have something to it, something more than lifeless cats being humorous I mean. Not that we here at Outside Perception condone the making of dead or undead cats. Sometimes experiments escape the lab.

Pray he doesn't escape the lab.

Even if the poor thing did escape what could he do, half the time he would be dead. Kinda like a Kitty Cat Vampire. By Night he stays in his box completely inert, dead to the world, dead a s a doornail, stone cold dead… or maybe just playing possum.

During the daylight hours… hes knocking stuff over in the lab mixing chemicals up on the floor and making a general menace of himself as he ruins half the experiments on the place. Half because well… he is Schrodinger cat… he could be half good or half bad… maybe half dead half alive… Lets just go with we aren’t sure, but during the day he’s pretty destructive.

If you are wondering what point this blog had today… well it’s a mysetry. Mostly I liked the picture up top. Here is the Mystery part though. How is it possible that the stupid cat can be both alive and dead at the same time? Because I read the entire theory… I’m not an idiot and I still don’t understand it lol.


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