It Really Doesn’t Matter…. Be content, live longer!

No, it’s true, whatever it is you think happens to matter, doesn’t. If you can start to think like this, you will live a much longer life. Filled with happiness and when not at least contentment. No one can be jolly all the time you know. That’s why so many people take anti depressants, to much TV trying to trick them into thinking they should be happy all the time. Aim for being content, you will live longer.

It won’t matter in a 100 years if you were late or early to whatever. It won’t matter if you live in the North or the South, in the US or in Africa. If you called someone a paintchip eater or a philanthropist. Smart or dumb. None of it will matter. Be content with what you have and happiness will pop its head in from time to time to let you know you are doing it right. Thats all that does matter, you being content. Let happiness take care of itself for a change.

Tall or short, thin or fat. The guy on the bus looked askance at you, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, mom, dad, aunt, uncle looked askance a you. Even if you look at yourself that way, It doesn’t matter. If you get everything you want and are still thinking it matters, it doesn’t. All that matters is your own view of yourself, realize it doesn’t matter including that last bit about how you think of yourself, and you will be content.

Maybe that’s why Linus needed that blanket…to much worrying about things that don’t matter. Remember the song don’t worry be happy… He gets it. Go listen to the song… sing along.. 

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