You know what Im doing here… Haiku…

I’m feeling like I should plug myself just a bit. I write on Yahoo as well as here. Here are the more goofy crazy things. There I try to be more serious. Either actual stories or maybe some ideas for small-business owners, or manager. Heck they could be called Life Coaching, who knows. If you want to feel free o click on some of the links I’m putting on here today. They are all Haikus of all varieties.


Earth Day




Just five for now I added a section for poetry on here. I do limericks as well as Haiku. I have always been a fan of the Haiku so I like doing them. Feel free to look through what I have on Yahoo. somewhere around 100 now. Maybe 20 or so Haiku, a dozen short stories, two flash fiction and then lots of boring stuff for business. šŸ™‚ Take a Look at Mortimer and the gears of strife. I like that one!


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