Ventilation Ducts… Great Tip for an Evil Overlord!

Tip #2 on the road to becoming an Evil Overlord is to have very very small ventilation shafts. Quite a few reasons for it really… John Mclane being the priority. No shoes and a zippo and he caused some havoc on poor Hans. He isn’t the only reason though.

One Alien killed almost everyone on the Nostromo, Later they depleted an entire colony of life using mostly ventilation shafts. The Weyland-Yutani corporation lost a lot of funds because of those ventilation shafts. Money is Power for an Evil Overlord, and they lost piles and piles of cash because of it.

Then there are Gremlins they get everywhere, you could have snakes, The Giant Rat from “Of Unkown Origin,” and lets not forget every single incarnation of “The Blob.” I know Gremlins didn’t go after an Overlord nor did the rat or the blob. The point is safety first people! You don’t want your Plexi helmet wearing Minions to get their asses handed to them because the enemy gets in behind the lines because you were to cheap to pay for custom work on a simple thing like Ventilation.

Todays Tip Brought to you by the fine Evil Overlords of Disney World.


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