Shooting Enemies As An Evil Overlord Is Cost Effective.

Shooting is never too good for your enemies as an Evil Overlord. It’s cheap and effective, puts on a nice show for the people at home, and as you become more powerful, you can make robotic minions to carry it out for you.

How often have we heard that line “Shooting is too good for him,” plenty of times right. Then because the Overlord tries to do some complicated execution involving dominoes or some other silly thing, the Hero escapes thwart his plan and win the day, again!

Tip #4 attempts to fix this problem. Go ahead and shoot them, just line them all up. The Robot thing can of course backfire though. Potential Overlord Dick Jones of OCP put to much faith in his ED209 and paid the price. If you are to go the route of robotic minion remember that product testing is important, test runs are very important don’t skimp.

To be safe though, just get some nice reliable old rifles, some blind folds and a solid wall to line your enemies against. Evil is more then a choice its a constant battle to get it right. Keep following the Tips and become the best Evil Overlord you can!


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