Gloating and you, Doom awaits those who partake.

It’s always tempting to gloat over a fallen enemy as an Evil Overlord.=. It’s even smart to try and throw the hero off their game by cackling maniacally at there pathetic attempts to convert you to the side of the angels. Tip #6 Is about not doing this though, it gives the hero time to make a plan, for his friends to arrive and for you to eat crow.

The Emperor was on of the most powerful Evil Overlords ever. Like Most Sith he had no doubt of his right, responsibility and destiny to command obedience of those lesser than he, and they all were lesser. His Downfall after every single engagement was his mocking self important sense of invulnerability. Think about it, when the Jedi came to his office he killed three of them in a matter of moments. There was no cackling, no laughing and no doubt he was going to wipe the floors with them. He got up took his weapon and went through them like blades through grass. Windu lasted as long as he did only because he wanted Anakin. Now think about the other times… Yoda bitch slapped him and if Yoda hadn’t despaired of becoming Evil he would have killed him… Sad that Yoda would have been a Evil Overlord like never seen before. Luke Vs The Emperor… if he hadn’t been gloating Vader wouldn’t have had time to throw the Emperor down the Shaft. Let the Emperor be a Beacon in both how he did things and how his overuse of the gloating caused, literally… his Downfall.

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