Valuables should be kept safe, Especially if its powerful!

Valuables of all kinds should be kept safe. For an Evil Overlord, this is more important. Tip # 5 is meant to help you aspiring applicant to do the smart, safe and intelligent thing. Sure its pretty cool you have a Mountain, but “of despair” is a bit pretentious don’t you think? Now a days who doesn’t have a river of fire and The dragons of Eternity ar highly over rated. They work for way to many clients to give you the protection you need.

A safe-deposit box is always the way to go. Keep in mind though that a band of Young wizards did manage to break into Gringott’s bank and make off with a very valuable object. Goblins really cannot be trusted. What you need is a white collar banker who loves nothing better than neat organized rows of boxes. One of those boxes can be yours for a very reasonable price.

Many an Overlord has been thwarted by losing his all powerful weapon because of foolishness. Just as many have had their one weakness turned against them for the same reason. What you need to do is stop trying to surround those items with high sounding grand creatures and defenses and simply lock it away with some family heirlooms like Aunt Izzies Flag and some old silver serving trays.

Take this tip to heart my aspiring Evil Overlord’s and the world can truly be yours.


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