Never listen to other people, they lie!

For that matter never listen to yourself, you lie too. Surrounded by liars we all are, hell I’m lying now. At least I could be, hard to say isn’t it… thats the rub. Of course liars can be great hero’s as well… Pinocchio for example.

Quite the guy, that Pinocchio. For the most part though Liars suck, the one’s who lie to themselves even more so. They rewrite history in their own heads to make themselves look better and eventually they come to believe it themselves. Of course we all know this already. See I digressed already.

What I really want to talk about is when other people try to give you honest and heartfelt advice about any problem imaginable. They mean well, they have good intention, and yet. They lie. They don’t mean to do that but they do. The reason is simple really, they aren’t you. They don’t think like you, act like you or respond to stimulus like you do.  Because of this anything they tell you is quite simply untrue. All of their life experiences, everything they know about, every way they respond to things is so completely different from you as to be incomparable.

Your friend means well though and there is certainly something to be said for sharing common themes with other people especially when it comes to something that can be devastating. The loss of a child, a divorce things of this nature. No two people on the planet will react the same way to a situation. No, not even twins. By all means share your experiences with others reach out a empathetic hand to those in need but remember what worked for you may not work for them so don’t be hurt if they don’t take your advice. They still appreciate it, they will appreciate it even more if you arent badgering them to do whatever it is you think is best for them. IN short… stop the lies.

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