Marriage — You’re doing it wrong.

My goodness how many times have we seen this play itself out. We kidnap the princess and decide to get married. Then, at some point… we think it would be a grand idea to be married in some lavish extravaganza rather than just have the local monk do the ceremony. Take a note here from the Sherriff of Notingham, granted he waited a bit to long, but in the end, he moved the service as quickly as possible to its conclusion.

A few questions you should be asking yourself though, is it necessary to marry? You have what 45 different concubines? Plus that waitress, lets not forget her. You’re just asking for it if you plan out this great big celebration to try and win the heart of the girl. One, she wont care, you are after all Evil. Two she won’t be swept off her feet by this craziness. Three while you’re paying attention to her and trying to see if your plot to win her heart is succeeding… the Hero will come in spoil your plans disrupt your wedding and likely make off with the girl as well. So Stop it already.

There is nothing worse than an Evil Overlord who thinks with his Heart rather then his intellect. Don’t be stupid follow rule #8 and RULE THE UNIVERSE FOREVER!

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