100th Post Here, This should be Great, ummm nope :)

Instead of the typical Go me post… oh wait GO ME!!! I have decided to ramble on about some things just for the hell of it. You see I have friends, both imaginary and real ones, although… the real ones could be imaginary as well. How does one tell the difference. Anyway I digress again. That being said, or typed as the case may be without further ado… some stuff for you!

Pretty Isn’t it, A reader sent it in to me. They liked the graphics on the blog and thought I might like to use this as well. A few people sent me pictures, which was rather nice really. They thought enough about my simple humble little blog here that when they saw something neat they thought of me. Here is another.

Nice right. I like to be thought of. Doesn’t matter to me if tis good or bad so long as I am being thought f it made an impact in someones life. Seems to me for the most part I make zero impact on anyones life. It’s nice to know otherwise. One more for you all. I’m saving some to use later with other things.

Nice right, yep indeed it is. I wonder if this a the view from Pluto perhaps. Well if it is… It should definitely be a planet.


So how was that for a 100th post 🙂 Unexpected I bet. Go read some other blogs of people I like. Here they are.

Katrina Perkins

Make a Right Left here TV

BBR Productions

My Guilty Pleasures

The Light-Bearer Novelist







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